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      Thoth icon   Beyond All Belief
Peter Lemesurier
    Science, Religion and Reality
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   This New Age Business
Peter Lemesurier
    The Story of the Ancient and Continuing Quest to Bring Down Heaven on Earth
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   Life, Death & Consciousness
Filippo Liverziani
    Experiences Near and After Death
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   Your Four-Point Plan for Life
Ursula Markham
    How to Achieve a Balance Between the Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Aspects of Ourselves
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   The fools Coat
Vi Marriot
    The story of Father Bérenger Saunière, the poor parish priest of Rennes-le-Château
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   While I Remember
Brenda Marshall
    The Life Story of Ivy Northage
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   The Elements of the Goddess
Caitlín Matthews
    Questioning and seeking to understand the Divine Feminine principle
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   Voices of the Goddess A Chorus of Sibyls
Caitlín Matthews
    Through myth, legend, poetry, song, ritual, meditation and personal story, the individual voices of this book create a chorus in which the voice of the Goddess is clearly heard.
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   Grail Seeker's Companion
John Matthews and Marian Green
    "This is the only book that points the way to the Holy Grail in the 21st century." Quest
    Thoth Printed Price   Thoth e-book Price    
    £14.95   £11.96

      Thoth icon   Conscious Evolution
Barry McWaters
    Shows how we can actualise our potential to discover and nurture transformative thoughts and beliefs
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   Where Eagles Fly
Kenneth Meadows
    A Shamanic Way to Personal Fulfilment
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   Celebrating Times of Change
Stanley J.A. Modrzyk
    A Wiccan Book of Shadows for Family and Coven Growth
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   A Handbook of Angels
H.C. Moolenburgh
    In 1981 a sermon was given in Leiden in which the minister called angels, 'a forgotten group'....
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   Spiritual Realisation
Ivy Northage
    Inner Values in Everyday Life
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   Nurturing Your Child with Music
John M. Ortiz
    Creating Happy, Smart and Confident Children
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   Practical Magic in the Northern Tradition
Nigel Pennick


    Northern Tradition magic gives us the tools to bring ourselves into a dynamic interaction with the cyclic workings of Nature.
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   Aurum Solis
Osbourne Phillips
    Initiation Ceremonies and Inner Magical Techniques
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   Ritual
Emma Restall Orr
    A guide to life, love and inspiration 'Ritual' is based on the wisdom of the druid tradition.
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   The Apple and the Thorn
Emma Restall Orr and Walter William Melnyk
    The Apple and the Thorn stands upon the tradition of two mythical characters: the Lady of the Lake and Eoasaidh of Cornualle (Joseph of Arimathea).
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   Dancers To the Gods
Alan Richardson
    The Magical Records of Charles Seymour and Christine Hartley
    Thoth Price      

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