Everyday Magic


Opening up to the magical power within you can transform your life. We all have tremendous untapped potential lying dormant inside us. This guidebook can teach you how to contact that energy and explore the magical powers of the universe in a practical and safe way, using meditation, visualisation and affirmation to find a way to heal yourself, change your like and find peace. We have all inherited the seeds of ancient wisdom and can find out how to unlock this knowledge and use it to transform the negativity that blocks us from living our dreams.


This book contains all the techniques and rituals that you will need to begin learning how to:

·        Find the deep meditative state that will allow your inner wisdom to flow.

·        Use your dreams as a guide to self-development.

·        Finding the Path which is for you.

·        Bring forth the power from past lives.

·        Connect with the natural world, the elements and the power of the planets.

·        Contact angelic beings and experience the wisdom of the God and Goddess.


Marian Green I the author of many books including Wild Witchcraft, The Path Through the Labyrinth and The Gentle Art of Natural Magic.

216mm x 140mm
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