Inner Journeys


Inner Journeys: Explorations of the Soul is the compelling account of one man's inner quest. It is a unique and fascinating case study that documents the author's unusual experiences in his early life that culminates in his eventual discovery of a mystery school. Dr. Vasey provides an honest assessment of his ongoing development as a student of the school, his discovery of 'Asteroth', an inner contact and progressive exposure to a magical and boundless world of inner characters and landscapes that provide personal instruction and understanding. His journey of transformation has a profound effect on his character and finally directs him towards an initiation with the self.

'Dr. Vasey's Inner Journeys is an honest and straightforward memoir of one man's voyage into a deeper understanding of himself and the many worlds around him. His modern perspective on the ancient practices of mediation and contact with the higher self is at times frightening, sometimes touching, but always enlightening. Vasey understands the individual nature of spirituality and the voyage that we're all on to discover our own place in the universe". Jeff Belanger, author of Communicating with the Dead and founder of 

'For those beginning any spiritual course, read this before you start. It pulls no punches, it tells you frankly that you will find it often tedious and boring but you will also find it at other times uplifting and exhilarating'. Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, author of many best-selling occult books and Director of Studies of the Servants of the Light.

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