The aim of this book is to broaden our understanding of how the communication of information and consciousness can take place and the variety of ways it makes itself known to us. Izar is one of the second magnitude stars in our known universe. Izaris is a force field, or consciousness form, which emanates from and around this celestial body and presents itself as an objective observer of our Solar reality. It offers a perspective of how, vibrationally, we relate to stars, galaxies and other universes and the subsequent demands that this can make on us mentally, emotionally and physically, as we become more conscious of our greater reality. It uniquely presents seventeen different stages in which consciousness opens itself to receive information, travelling through time, acquiring experience and knowledge, enabling us to return to the Source in a different form but with a more complete understanding of what the Source actually embodies. More fundamentally, it examines the eclectic nature of all vibratory being and illustrates how human nature fits into the larger context of the universe. Izaris offers an even wider perspective of our relationship with time-space than Keith's previous book Principles of the Universe.

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