Practical Occultism


This book contains the complete text of Dion Fortune's Practical Occultism in Daily Life which she wrote to explain, simply and practically, enough of the occult doctrine and methods to enable any reasonably intelligent and well balanced person to make practical use of them in the circumstances of daily life. She gives sound advice on remembering past incarnations, working out karma, divination, the use and abuse of mind power and much more. Gareth Knight has delved into the Dion Fortune archive to provide additional material not available before outside Dion Fortune's immediate circle. It includes instruction on astral magic, the discipline of the mysteries, inner plane communicators, black magic and mental trespassing, nature contacts and elemental shrines. In addition, Dion Fortune's review of The Literature of Illuminism describes the books she found most useful in her own quest, ranging from books for beginners to those on initiation, Qabalah, occult fiction, the old gods of England, Atlantis, witchcraft and yoga. In conclusion there is an interpretation by Dion Fortune's close friend Netta Fornario of The Immoral Hour, that haunting work of faery magic by Fiona Macleod, first performed in Glastonbury.

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