Rejuvenation Through the Mind


As an introduction to the ideas that will be prevalent in the next century, Rejuvenation: Through the Mind is of immense importance. Straightforward in its explanations of the latest discoveries, this book is highly recommended as a guide to the frontiers of physics, medicine and psychology. 

 ". . .a timely reminder of the potential contribution of Eastern concepts to Western medicine." Dr Simon Phillips, MPhil, Co-founder, RHCS Institute 

 ". . . full of fascinating material. I wanted to read on and on." Leslie Kenton, Bestselling author of Ageless Ageing 

 "... provides each reader with access to a new mental technology with which to heal and grow." Supa Nova Magazine 

 "... a most invigorating guide to the future of the human body." Oxford Guardian "... a fascinating history of the progress of spiritual, scientific and futuristic thought ... it explores the potential of the human mind as an instrument to prevent ageing ... compelling reading." Here's Health, UK's Leading Alternative Health Magazine

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