Soul Trek


A channelled book with a difference! Alpha, the communicant of these ideas, reveals the panoramic grandeur of our Soul Trek with a vividness which leaves the reader breathless. It charts the soul from the moment it leaves the Source and makes its way through the realms of mind and energy, to its choice of a more matter-like universe, entering the Etheric/Physical Universe, and then descending into more solid realms, finally personifying as an individualised physical form. 

 As this journey is described, much is covered: group souls; twin souls; reincarnation; karma; and our rather outmoded way of conceiving what we call God. Some of Alpha's information on pre- and post- human existence is unfamiliar and quite wonderful. 

 This is, however, no new scripture. We, the souls of the present age, are left to work out for ourselves why we should conduct our lives in love and service. But Alpha does reveal a reason for it all which helps to make sense of our journey. We are part of the whole, and if we do not play our part everything could blink out of existence.

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