The Esoteric Philosophy of Love and Marriage


Dion Fortune's basic esoteric textbook on the psychology of love and relationships explains the universal factors governing the interaction between masculine and feminine, from the "lowest" to the "highest" level of the Seven Planes. With uncanny intuition and hands-on psychological experience, Fortune clearly states the principles of polarity underlying all relationships between men and women. She explains that sex is a function, not an ideal, with many factors that produce or hinder harmony. The feminine is "positive" on the Spiritual and Emotional Planes, while the male tends to be "positive" on the Mental and Physical Planes. In a harmonious union, these aspects complement each other so the relationship stays balanced. Where these aspects are unrecognised or denied free expression, disharmony often results. Needless to say, the physical expression through sex will also suffer, since attitudes derived from the "higher levels" control or inhibit the "lower physical aspect." These principles remain as true today as when this book was first published. Also included is Fortune's teaching on some of the esoteric principles behind abstinence and asceticism, contraception and abortion.

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