The Lion People


The author, one of the leading writers on the metaphysics and parapsychology of ancient beliefs, reveals her channeled communications with the Paschats, a race of leonine beings from another world and another time. Covers the nature of death, karma and reincarnation; procedures of healing and self-healing; the reality of other intelligent forms in the universe; the cosmic connection between Sirius and the planet Earth; new and intriguing ways of self-discovery; why some people seem to have an easy life while others suffer. the author also provides evidence from historic sources, ancient arcane traditions, art, anthropology and astrology, which lend credence to the existence of Paschats and support for their message. If you feel an affinity with felines, you will love The Lion People, a fascinating and gripping revelation from Outer Space and Outer Time. They are watching, guiding and caring!

216mm x 140mm
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