The New Science of the Spirit


This book provides an exciting new approach to science. With clear argument and helpful illustrations, David Ash provides a framework for the universe in which the laws of physics and the laws of spirit become one. Einstein's understanding that matter and light can be described as particles of energy rather than particles of material substance leads to Ash's hypothesis that all things are made of energy – little particles of perpetual motion. These then become the building blocks of Ash's universe. With the help of the vortex and its spinning motion the big bang theory is tackled, a new theory of creation is given and the belief is expressed that super-energy could be available now to provide the world with clean and inexpensive energy sources. Spiritual realms and ascension are clarified with the hologram and love, the all important component in the workings of the Vortex universe, becomes the key to the well-being of our planet, Gaia. 

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