John William Brodie Innes (1848 - 1923) was one of the most significant players in the drama of the Golden Dawn, one of the few real scholars in the Order, and one who also maintained a fine balance between his occult pursuits and his genuine Christian faith. But his esoteric writings have been, for too long, undeservedly overlooked.

Brodie Innes wrote well and intelligently on a wide range of occult subjects, often recounting and reflecting on his own experiences, but most of his work was printed in the occult periodicals of his day - very little of it, apart from his occult fiction, appeared in book form.

This new anthology collects the best of these fugitive contributions - ranging from astrology and the Tarot to magic and witchcraft, and taking in Theosophy, folklore, hauntings, possession, prayer and a long occult novella - together with unpublished material on the Cromlech Temple. All this with the aim of bringing back Brodie Innes where he deserves to be: at the heart of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

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