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The Story of the Ancient and Continuing Quest to Bring Down Heaven on Earth. What is 'this New Age Business' all about? Is it just a passing phenomenon, or are we all involved whether we like it or not? If we do wish to bring about a new age of peace, harmony and light on Earth, argues the author of the best-selling 'The Great Pyramid Decoded' then the following are definitely among the things not to do: Place it in the future; saddle God, the Messiah or higher beings from 'out there' with responsibility for it; assume that 'spiritual truth' is the key to it; imagine that heaven and earth were ever separate in the first place. These are some of the radical conclusions drawn by the author in the course of his remarkable and comprehensive survey of the world millenarianism ranging from the earliest times to the present. He challenges the sometimes too-easily accepted notions that are widespread in today's New Age movement, and will surprise and disturb the complacent. His final account of the nature of reality, however, shows that by going beyond the limited model of tomorrow that we have inherited from the past, we can become heirs to a much deeper vision that can truly revivify our today.

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