Western Mystery Tradition


A re-issue of a classic work by a formidable priestess, pupil of Dion Fortune and working partner of Charles Seymour, F.P.D., the 'Forgotten Mage'. Working at a time when many were turning to Eastern spirituality, Christine Hartley believed that Britain had its own mystery tradition, hidden in myth and legend and in the land itself. She had known Merlin on the inner planes, journeying with him to the Celtic Underworld and she was more than happy to show us the entrance to this realm. Drawing on folk lore and song, the legacy of Druidic culture is brought alive, providing practical guidelines for modern students of the ancient mysteries. Western Mystery Tradition is the basis of the Western religious feeling, the foundation of our spiritual life, the matrix of religious formulae, whether we are aware of it or not. To it we owe the inspiration and force of our spiritual life. Very much reflecting the current return to paganism in our search for the spiritual, Christine Hartley reminds us that 'The corn is still green and the ears are ripening for the harvest.'

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