What About the Big Stuff


Over 21 million copies sold worldwide. With over 21 million copies sold worldwide, Richard Carlson's Don't Sweat the Small Stuff series has helped countless people to change their perception of, and ways of dealing with, life's annoying little problems. But now – what about the big stuff...? In this new book, Carlson addresses exactly that: the larger concerns of life. With his characteristic wise and healing tone, he explores ways of handling the incredibly difficult issues that life throws in our laps, including confronting illness, managing difficulties at work, coping with financial setbacks - even death and divorce. Carlson offers heartfelt advice on how not to Sweat the Big Stuff, but instead: Learn from the Big Stuff, prepare and let go, reflect on what you're going to say - before you need to say it, be the change you want to see, know that you don't know, and then step into the unknown His thoughtful suggestions and healing insights will enable anyone to find inner peace as well as the necessary strength to conquer and move forward when faced with the worst.

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