What is Occultism?


A must read for students of the Western Mystery Tradition! First published in 1929 (under the title Sane Occultism), this volume is as useful and pertinent now as it was then. With a comprehensive, context-setting introduction by Gareth Knight, What is Occultism? places occultism in its proper place as a philosophy that employs rational methodology to explore the meaning of life. Fortune offers the reader an in-depth look at what occultism can be to the rational and well-trained practitioner. She explains how occultism moves a step beyond both physical sciences and psychology, allowing the seeker to be guided by rational, measured investigation of psychic experience. Her discussion of the left-hand path, psychic pathologies, and mental trespassing are invaluable knowledge for the reader who is beginning a personal exploration of the occult. What Is Occultism? reveals the heart of occult ethics and ideals: occult discipline leads to spiritually and ethically healthier lives. There is very little that escapes her survey within these pages. From her initial general remarks. . . she goes on to helpful, practical advice on elements of personal development, from meditation and psychism through to intimations of past lives and the role of techniques such as astrology and numerology. �Gareth Knight, from the Introduction.

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