Where Eagles Fly


In our throw-away society which has become alienated from nature, more and more of us are seeking reattunement with natural things and in some way means of bringing our body, mind, soul, and spirit into harmony. In this inspirational book, Kenneth Meadows introduces a science of living for the 21st century derived from eternal principles contained within the ancient shamanic wisdom of all cultures and traditions. You are invited to test the truth and effectiveness of these principles for yourself through some thirty exciting 'experiences'. 

Learn how to: 

Discover the truth about yourself and what comprises your total being 

Release your dormant potentials and generate creativity 

Make the right choices in your life for your ultimate well-being Meet the challenges of your life with confidence and assurance 

In this ground-breaking book, Kenneth Meadows guides you to a grounded spirituality which will sustain you through the fast changes of modern times.

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